Photon provides a range of strategic and tactical solutions for the management and application of computer technology.

We develop, implement, and service technology solutions:

  •  Computers for creative, editorial, and service needs

  •  Servers for fast and reliable data storage and networking

  •  Apple Macintosh hardware and software

  •  Fast and secure networking

  •  Mixed computer environments

  •  High reliability and low maintenance

  •  Troubleshooting, service, and support

Our project components include:

  •  Technical Auditing and Needs Analysis

  •  Short-term and Strategic Planning

  •  Installation and Training

  •  Updates and Maintenance

  •  Troubleshooting and Repair

  •  Emergency Service

  •  Executive Services

We are expert in the areas of 

  •  Computer Technology

  •  Desktop Operations

  •  Systems Design and Management

  •  Server Setup and Administration

  •  Backup and Data Recovery

  •  Network Security and Data Security

  •  Networking and Internet

  •  Remote Repair and Diagnostics

  •  Telecommunications and Integration

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